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Summer 2018

Welcome to the Sylvania Area Senior Hockey League website. This is a 35 & over league. Our Winter season is complete and over!  Summer hockey has started up and is in full swing. Visit the "statistics" page for the latest summer standings. Also the "teams" page to see where the players are placed.

If new skaters are interested in becoming a part of our league, please contact Tim Pollauf at do not register to play without first contacting us.

News & Updates

Congrats to the Gray team for becoming our 2017-18 playoff champs !!!


SUMMER 2018 registration is finally here !!!

-League starts April 18th 2018 and runs straight through September 12th 2018

-21 weeks of Wednesday night hockey with a break at the Wednesday July 4th holiday (rink will be closed)

-Costs for the program this summer will be $330 per player  ($20 less than last year)

-Game times will be anywhere from 7:30pm to 9pm at the start and end of the season, and mid-summer will yield 8:30 &10pm game times

-Each game will have Two paid referees and a scorekeeper. Wins/losses will be the only statistics kept and recorded to our website on a weekly basis

-There will be FOUR teams consisting of a maximum of 15 skaters and one goaltender

-Games will be 1-1/2 hours long. We basically skate TWO halves (not your traditional three periods)

-Ice resurfacing will be limited to "between games" only. This maximizes our actual play time

-This league is open to everybody (Not just SASHL current players). Male & female, young & old, strong & weak. It is intended as an "off season stay in shape" kind of league where we simply want to have fun and get some exercise at the same time. It is more laid back as we're not in competition for the cup, or any other prestigious award

-Jerseys are provided (no socks) with the year and league logo on the front, numbers on the rear. This summer we have a completely new set with new colors:  Black, White, Green, Red

-This summer we will be skating out on Rink ONE for the entire summer (rink TWO will be melted for seasonal maintenance)

-In the past, and again for current participants, we will allow two players to "split" one position. In the event of this, ONE player MUST pay the full amount, and the "split" player then works it out to share or reimburse the paid player. This then will be noted in the "comments" box when you register

-We try to honor any requests where possible, so make sure you include them in the comments section. Fathers skating with their kids, neighbors or co-workers who wish to be on the same team, also someone who you DO NOT wish to skate with, etc.

-The deadline will be the first night we play. I anticipate we'll be full prior to the first game so don't put off registering yourself to the last minute. There may not be any spots available by then

-As players register, I'll import their data to the "registration verification" section of this website. This is nothing more than you verifying that the league actually DID receive your registration. This also allows potential registrants to see who is already in the program and may stimulate others to join up

-Registration will CLOSE when we hit 64 paid player positions. Anybody who misses the deadline will have to sign up as a potential replacement player in the event we lose any players right off the bat (this does happen every now & then)

-Any NEW players who have NOT participated in a winter 2017-18 program, will need to obtain a valid USA hockey registration number. Do NOT purchase this number until April 1, 2018. Waiting until then will allow you skate for 17 months before having to register for another number. It then won't expire until August 31, 2019. For most of us it doesn't matter as we skate year-round and must renew it annually no matter what. For a new person, you would be able to skate TWO summers on the same USA number. If you decide to wait until April 1 to register with USA hockey, enter "000000000APRIL" (9 zeros followed by April) in the USA hockey number box when registering with us. You will then be required to provide the actual USA hockey number in April prior to the first game in order to skate.

Good luck and get yourself registered!